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Finding ex-classmates and friends can be tedious and at most difficult. One of the best ways is to check Boards that have been set up by various organisations and sites which can help locate them fast. By posting on Boards, you give what school, year and person/people you are searching for.

Check out my old Message Board and Guestbook (unfortunately people did post looking for old friends there instead of Message board, though suprisingly others including myself found old friends there) before posting on the new board.You cannot post to them but many people have posted and found friends there. You may find some too!

Below are the Boards you can post on. Remember, the more you post on different boards, the higher the chance you'll find who you're looking for (not to mention others finding/helping you)


Email Search

Searching for friends via their email is an excellent way to find them. This is how I first began finding friends. You will get many results at times. When emailing, it is best to put your school name in the subject and in the body ask politly if they went to that school in particular years. If you are lucky, a positive reply will come your way!

International and Alumni Websites

Alumni websites like the ones listed below are similer to this webpage. They have thousands of people from round the world registered for their particular schools including many from Fiji.

  • Alumni.Net
    • You have to register and signup. This site does have some annoying pop-up banner ads but a very good selection of Secondary schools from Fiji. There are already many people registered for you to check. You will also get email updates when someone signs up for your school.
  • Grad Finder
    • Easy to join and a very good selection of both Primary and Secondary schools from round Fiji. Choose the "Other Countries" option towards the bottom of the page. This site is fast and free of pop-up banner ads. Again like above, there are many people already registered. You can get updates everytime a new person signs up for your school.

Of course, one can always check the directories and find old friends. For the Fiji ones listed below, you may have to get a bit specific in your search. Their search functions have a lot of limitations.

To contact me please email me here . Don't forget to sign my Guestbook before leaving!
Some advice

Others including yourself reading and/or posting may be able to help those searching for friends. One word of caution; I have come across some people who wish to leave their old life behind them. Before you give out email addresses of people you have found to other friends/searchers, do ask them for permission first.

I know there are other websites for schools setup. I will be adding them soon here. If you have any links you think are relevant, do email them to me.


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